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My counselling practice is firmly grounded in my primary training in the person-centred approach, and influenced by my ongoing practice of Focusing.

Person-centred counselling is a humanistic talk therapy which holds that every individual has within a vast resource for self-awareness, purposeful growth and self-actualization. It means that you are at the centre of the therapy and that I attune deeply in order to know as best I can how you experience yourself, your relationships, and the world around you. It holds that what we yearn for is to be truly seen, heard, and felt by another, and that when we experience this we change and grow in a natural way.

The person-centred approach offers a profound commitment to respecting the individual, acknowledging and honouring moment-to-moment experiencing, and accessing and following your own inner truth.

I also work from a Focusing-Oriented approach. This type of psychotherapy has a person-centred approach as its basis. We may well spend time talking just as we do in counselling. But the invitation here is to slow down and pay closer attention to your inner bodily experience. Research shows that this ability to attend inwardly is the most important element in effective therapy and moves us past what we already know about ourselves into new insight and discovery.

I work mainly with adult individuals and couples. Currently, most sessions are offered via Zoom.

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