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Breath & Body Work

Our primal encounter with the world is through the body. Our primal experiencing is somatic and pre-cognitive. However, most of us have come to identify heavily with our thinking; we spend a lot of time lost in our thoughts and suffering from the reactive feelings that these thoughts induce. We might even try to think ourselves well. If you have found your way here then probably, like me, you have already discovered that this doesn’t always work.

Gentle breathing and stretching practices based on yoga can provide a powerful respite from our mind-driven approach to life. They can reground us in the here and now and reconnect us to our greater presence.

Spending time attending closely as we breathe and move, we can discover and release long-held patterns of tension, contraction, and resistance to life. We can awaken a wholesome trust in our somatic experience and a fuller sense of self that is less identified with our mind.

We can spend an entire session working in this way, or we can incorporate moments into a regular counselling session.

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