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Welcome to the website for Heart of Norfolk Therapy

Life presents us all with challenges from time to time. Seeking professional support at such times and finding a therapist who feels right for you can be daunting. My aim with this website is to give you a sense of who I am and how I work. I hope this will help you in deciding if you’d like to get in touch and arrange an introductory session. Here is a brief overview, and you'll find more detail on the individual pages. Currently, most sessions are offered via Zoom.


COUNSELLING and psychotherapy are terms that are used somewhat interchangeably to cover a wide range of talking therapies. Talk therapy offers you the opportunity to explore your issues with someone who is trained to attune and listen empathically. It offers a safe and confidential space where you can explore in your own time, on your own terms, and without fear of being judged.


FOCUSING is a gentle and powerful therapeutic practice that is more body-based. It is a way of listening deeply to your body’s natural wisdom, and can resolve problematic feelings when thinking and talking don’t seem to be enough. What’s more, it is a practice you can learn and continue at home on your own. Focusing teaches you to sense inside with curiosity and compassion, and to access and trust your somatic experiences.


BREATH & BODY WORK can bring deep rest and respite from our thought-based approach to living. Gentle stretches and breathing exercises based on yoga can ground you in the primary experience of your body and breath, bring you into the here and now, and support you on your therapeutic journey.



My counselling practice is firmly grounded in my primary training in the person-centred approach, and influenced by my ongoing practice of FocusingMore...



Focusing is a simple bodily process for emotional healing. It listens to the messages of the body and tunes in to an inner felt sense of knowing. More ...


Breath & Body Work

Our primal encounter with the world is through the body. Our primal experiencing is somatic and pre-cognitive. More...



£45 per 60 minute session


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